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Dammgen, U; Amon, B; Gyldenkaerne, S; Hutchings, NJ; Klausing, HK; Haenel, HD; Rosemann, C.
(2011): Reassessment of the calculation procedure for the volatile solids excretion rates of cattle and pigs in the Austrian, Danish and German agricultural emission inventories
LANDBAUFORSCHUNG-GER. 2011; 61(2): 115-126.

The equations provided in the IPCC Guidelines quantifying the fluxes of volatile solids were examined and corrected. National data were collated that allow the calculations of these fluxes. The combination of modified equations and national data instead of default values results in a reduction of calculated VS excretion rates for cattle and pigs and hence to reduced methane emission from manure storage facilities.
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Amon Barbara

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