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Cifuentes, ML; Freyer, B; Sonnino, R; Fiala, V.
(2021): Embedding sustainable diets into urban food strategies: A multi-actor approach
GEOFORUM. 2021; 122: 11-21. FullText FullText_BOKU

Urbanization processes have been accompanied by a shift towards diets that have placed increased pressures on the environment and human health. City governments are increasingly striving to address these challenges through a policy focus on "sustainable diets". Using the example of the city of Vienna (Austria), this paper adopts an innovative multi-actor approach to unpack the complexities involved in the implementation of the core principles of sustainable diets. The analysis of data collected through semi-structured interviews and focus groups with key urban food system actors identifies place-based peculiarities and drivers of change that are not yet discussed within debates on urban food. As we conclude, there are important methodological implications emerging from our findings for both policy-makers and researchers interested in the design, implementation and evaluation of urban food strategies that contribute to democratizing the food system.
Autor*innen der BOKU Wien:
Fiala Valentin
Freyer Bernhard
Lopez Cifuentes Marta
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