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Schuller, E; Pilz, V; Holler, C; Keppel, H; Spornberger, A.
(2016): Mapping and description of old cherry trees and regional cherry cultivars in Stoob, Mittelburgenland
MITT KLOSTERNEUBURG. 2016; 66(1): 113-126.

In 2011, the cherry trees in the meadow-orchard area on the Noplerberg in Stoob (Mittelburgenland, Austria) were surveyed. The aim was to identify the main cultivars as well as to choose trees for preservation. In total about 370 cherry trees were found in the area, 55 were described in detail based on defined descriptors (tree, flower, fruit, pit), the fruit samples were tasted and photographed. Furthermore, quality parameters of the fruit e.g. fruit weight, fruit proportions, stem length, stem thickness, stem removal force, fruit flesh firmness, pit weight, cracking, cherry fruit fly infestation, total soluble solids and acid concentration were investigated. More than half (53 %) of the described trees have an estimated age of 41 to 60 years and considering their age and condition, 43 % of the population are endangered. For 68 trees the cultivar was identified. Another 60 trees were given a working name. Some cultivars, such as xxxGrosse Schwarze Knorpelkirschexxx and xxxHedelfinger Riesenkirschexxx, are numerously represented in the area, whereas of the typical regional cultivars xxxBadlenzerxxx and xxxSamling von Sauerbrunnxxx and the different "Einsiedekirschen" only one tree exists. Furthermore, a regional cultivar called "Butterkirsche" was found, which stands out due to its unique taste and was found exclusively in this area. 19 varieties were propagated for cultivar-preservation, furthermore the original scion-trees should be conserved through cultivation and pruning.
Autor*innen der BOKU Wien:
Pilz Verena
Schüller Elisabeth
Spornberger Andreas

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