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Hauser, M; Lindtner, M; Prehsler, S; Probst, L.
(2016): Farmer participatory research: Why extension workers should understand and facilitate farmers' role transitions
J RURAL STUD, 47, 52-61; ISSN 0743-0167 FullText FullText_BOKU

Farmers who engage in farmer participatory research (FPR) change their established social roles in households and communities. As such, comprehension of farmersxxx role transitions is important to understand the extrinsic and intrinsic factors impeding or supporting the uptake and use of FPR by farmers. The existing FPR literature, however, does not address such role transitions. In this study, we analyzed farmersxxx experiences with FPR and underlying role transitions in a commercial organic agriculture project in western Uganda. We drew on quantitative and qualitative data from interviews, group discussions, and observations involving farmers and extension workers. Our results suggest extrinsic and intrinsic factors affect farmersxxx self-conception, influencing their willingness to participate in FPR. The level of alignment between the self-conception and the anticipated role determines farmersxxx decision regarding participation in FPR and affects their response pattern. Farmersxxx response pattern and individual set of inhibitors and facilitators lead to the experience of role insufficiency or role mastery, which is crucial for farmersxxx continuation or termination of on-farm experiments. Understanding and facilitating role transitions is, therefore, essential for sustaining on-farm experiments, which complements current technical FPR training. (C) 2016 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
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Hauser Michael
Probst Lorenz

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