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Erber, G; Haberl, A; Pentek, T; Stampfer, K.
(2017): Impact of operational parameters on the productivity of whole tree cable yarding - a statistical analysis based on operation data
AUSTRIAN J FOR SCI. 2017; 134(1): 1-18.

In forestry, work studies are the most common method to investigate the efficiency of harvesting systems. Shift level or harvesting unit level studies are suited for determining long term effects and provide more robust information due to a larger variety of cases than in detailed work studies. The present study investigated the impact of operational parameters on the productivity of whole tree cable yarding, using harvesting unit level data. The Bavarian State Forests documented cable yarding operations performed by the same crew and machine (Koller K507) over a period of nine years. During this period, 223 operations were conducted within 12,852.7 h and 271,721 trees with a total volume of 71,742 m(3) were yarded. The relation between the time consumption for installation and relocation and the time consumption for extraction was 43.1 : 56.9. Delays longer than 15 minutes with a share of 13.5% are not included here. The study showed that tree volume, span length, yarding direction and silvicultural treatment had significant impact on the time consumption of whole tree cable yarding. Time consumption per m(3) decreased with increasing tree volume and increasing span length. Uphill yarding took significantly less time than downhill yarding. If silvicultural treatments were conducted in slit and group cut methods, time consumption was significantly smaller than in plus tree thinning. Unusual cuts, like pasture land clearings and skiing slope enlargement, took longest. The developed model explains 51.1% of the variance of whole tree cable yarding time consumption at a standard error of 0.017 h PSH15 per m(3).
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Erber Gernot
Stampfer Karl
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