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Xu, GF; Peng, C; Wu, W; Qi, JL.
(2017): Combined constitutive model for creep and steady flow rate of frozen soil in an unconfined condition
CAN GEOTECH J. 2017; 54(7): 907-914. FullText FullText_BOKU

A combined constitutive model is developed for the creep behavior of frozen soil in an unconfined condition. The model is obtained by coupling two stress-and time-dependent models, which are responsible for the primary and tertiary creep stages. The model parameters are dependent on temperature and can be readily determined from the strain rate-time curves at two creep stresses. The model performance is demonstrated by simulating the complete strain-time and strain rate-time curves (including primary, secondary, and tertiary stages) of frozen sand and frozen clay in uniaxial creep tests under different creep stresses. Moreover, two equations are obtained from the combined model. One shows a good capability in describing the relationship between creep strength and the time to creep failure. The other makes an excellent prediction of the steady flow rate in a typical creep process. Both equations can reflect the effects of stress and temperature on the creep behavior of frozen soil.
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Peng Chong
Wu Wei
Xu Guofang
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