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Braito, MT; Bock, K; Flint, C; Muhar, A; Muhar, S; Penker, M.
(2017): Human-Nature Relationships and Linkages to Environmental Behaviour
ENVIRON VALUE. 2017; 26(3): 365-389. FullText FullText_BOKU

While many theories exist to explain the complexity of environmental behaviour, the role of individualsxxx relationship with nature has not yet been fully clarified. This paper attempts to operationalise human-nature relationships. It expands upon a scale assessed by an iterative process of mixed methods in the US and Europe. This scale is then used to assess individualsxxx relationship with nature, and whether such relationships correlate with environmental behaviour. The value scale of Schwartzxxxs Theory of Basic Values is used to validate the results. The results verify that people hold multiple human-nature relationships, confirm strong correlations between human-nature relationships and values, and reveal that individualsxxx behaviour is connected to the relationship they have with nature.
Autor*innen der BOKU Wien:
Böck Kerstin
Braito Michael
Muhar Andreas
Muhar Susanne
Penker Marianne

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