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Mayer, A.
(2014): 40 years of global resource use. A review of current debates
OSTERR Z POLITWISS. 2014; 43(1): 55-71.

40 years ago the well known ,,Limits to Growth: A report to the Club of Rome" has been published. The following article provides an overview on various aspects of global resource use since 1972. Changes in the global division of labour, and a more difficult resource extraction are current developments that will exert more pressure on sources and sinks of global social metabolism, leading to higher resource prices and slowing down economic growth. Results of the original models indicate, that the standard run scenario shows most similarities with real world developments since 1972. This scenario leads to a breakdown of the industrial system, and a subsequent collapse of the global population in the middle of the 21st century. This overview shows that previous efforts of a re-routing of global resource use towards sustainability were hardly successful and therefore asks for more appropriate political measures.
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Mayer Andreas
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