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Maschek, O; Halmschlager, E.
(2018): Effects of Verticillium nonalfalfae on Ailanthus altissima and associated indigenous and invasive tree species in eastern Austria
EUR J FOREST RES. 2018; 137(2): 197-209. FullText FullText_BOKU

The naturally occurring Verticillium nonalfalfae shows promise for biocontrol of the highly invasive Tree of Heaven (Ailanthus altissima), but might also bear a risk for non-target tree species. In this study, we conducted inoculations on potted seedlings of A. altissima as well as on eight indigenous and two invasive tree species associated with Tree of Heaven in Austria. Although vascular discolourations developed in all inoculated tree species, V. nonalfalfae was reisolated from Ailanthus and eight of the ten non-target-species, whereas typical disease symptoms and mortality only occurred on A. altissima. Results confirmed high susceptibility (S) of A. altissima to V. nonalfalfae but indicated tolerance (T) of Acer campestre, Acer pseudoplatanus and Quercus robur, possible resistance (PR) of Fraxinus excelsior, Populus nigra, Tilia cordata, Ulmus laevis and Ulmus minor and resistance (R) of Fraxinus pennsylvanica and Robinia pseudoacacia to this potential biocontrol agent. Results from seedling inoculations were confirmed by cursory field observations in Ailanthus-inoculated forest stands, where admixed A. campestre, A. pseudoplatanus, F. excelsior, Populus alba, R. pseudoacacia and U. laevis canopy trees remained asymptomatic, while mortality was induced in Ailanthus.
Autor*innen der BOKU Wien:
Halmschlager Erhard
Maschek Oliver

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