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Toscani, P; Sekot, W.
(2018): Forest Accountancy Data Networks-A European Approach of Empirical Research, Its Achievements, and Potentials in Regard to Sustainable Multiple Use Forestry
FORESTS. 2018; 9(4): FullText FullText_BOKU

A Forest Accountancy Data Network represents an intermediate approach of empirical economic research between surveys based on questionnaires on the one hand and case studies on the other, with time as a third dimension. Over the past decades, the few institutions operating such networks have accumulated a bulk of experience with this methodology and the possibilities for its adaptation to upcoming requirements. By summarizing and evaluating the potential of this methodology, we provide an up-to-date reference for designing empirical studies in forest economics at the enterprise level. Aspects of sustainability as well as the economics of multiple use forestry are specifically addressed. Forestry-specific extensions to existing agricultural networks could be a cost saving approach for investigating such crucial questions like the role of forestry for regional development and for the livelihood of farms. The study is based on an extended literature research which has been complemented by expert interviews.
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Sekot Walter
Toscani Philipp
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