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Hoenigsberger, M; Kopchinskiy, AG; Parich, A; Hiller, K; Laciny, A; Zettel, H; Lim, LBL; Salim, KA; Druzhinina, IS; Schuhmacher, R.
(2018): Isolation of Mandibular Gland Reservoir Contents from Bornean 'Exploding Ants' (Formicidae) for Volatilome Analysis by GC-MS and MetaboliteDetector
JOVE-J VIS EXP. 2018; (138): FullText FullText_BOKU

The aim of this manuscript is to present a protocol describing the metabolomic analysis of Bornean xxxexploding antsxxx belonging to the Colobopsis cylindrica (COCY) group. For this purpose, the model species C. explodens is used. Ants belonging to the minor worker caste possess distinctive hypertrophied mandibular glands (MGs). In territorial combat, they use the viscous contents of their enlarged mandibular gland reservoirs (MGRS) to kill rival arthropods in characteristic suicidal xxxexplosionsxxx by voluntary rupture of the gastral integument (autothysis). We show the dissection of worker ants of this species for the isolation of the gastral portion of the wax-like MGR contents as well as listing the necessary steps required for solvent-extraction of the therein contained volatile compounds with subsequent gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) analysis and putative identification of metabolites contained in the extract. The dissection procedure is performed under cooled conditions and without the use of any dissection buffer solution to minimize the changes in the chemical composition of the MGR contents. After solvent-based extraction of volatile metabolites contained therein, the necessary steps for analyzing the samples via liquid-injection-GC-MS are presented. Lastly, data processing and putative metabolite identification with the use of the open-source software MetaboliteDetector is shown. With this approach, the profiling and identification of volatile metabolites in MGRS of ants belonging to the COCY group via GC-MS and the MetaboliteDetector software become possible.
Autor*innen der BOKU Wien:
Hönigsberger Michaela
Parich Alexandra
Schuhmacher Rainer

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Environmental Sciences
Issue 138
Tropical ants
Colobopsis cylindrica group
Colobopsis explodens
mandibular gland
gas chromatography-mass spectrometry

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