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Leitgeb, R., Feichtinger, K., Lafer, E., Eibensteiner, W., Lettner, F..
(1994): Einsatz von Erbsen (P. sativum L.) in der Zuchtsauen- und Ferkelfütterung.
Die Bodenkultur, 45, 155-161

In a feeding trial with breeding sows and piglets the use of 10, 20 and 30 % peas, respectively, in compound feed was investigated. Peas were used instead of soya and barley To non- and lowpregnant sows 2.5 kg compound feed and 1 kg hay was fed. Piglets and sucking sows were fed ad libitum. The daily feed intake of sucking sows was between 4 and 5.5 kg. 10 % peas had a positive effect on the number of born and reared piglets. 20 % peas had an indifferent and 30 % peas had a more or less negative effect on the number of born and reared piglets and also on the daily gains in the sucking and rearing period. If 20 % or higher proportions of peas for piglets and sows are used, a supplementation of methionine would be recommended.
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Leitgeb Rudolf
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