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Pont, D; Franquet, E; Tourenq, JN.
(1999): Impact of different Bacillus thuringiensis variety israelensis treatments on a chironomid (Diptera Chironomidae) community in a temporary marsh
J ECON ENTOMOL. 1999; 92(2): 266-272. FullText FullText_BOKU

Bacillus thuringiensis variety israelensis is a selective biological insecticide for control of mosquito and black fly larvae and has little or no effect on nontarget organisms. Its impact on the structure of lentic communities, however, has rarely been tested in the field. Chironomid larvae were sampled in a control zone (0 mg B. thuringiensis/liter) and in a treated enclosure (1.6 mg/liter) on 5 sampling dates. The emergence of adults also was studied at 4 treatments-0, 1.6, 3.3, and 6.7 mg/liter. One week after treatment with 1.6 mg B. thuringiensis/liter, chironomid larval density decreased by 38%. Treatment with B. thuringiensis affected the emergence of sampled chironomids. Ten days after treatment, Polypedilum nubifer (Skuse) was the only sampled organism which increased in relative abundance. P. nubifer represented >75% of the emerging adults.
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Pont Didier Auguste

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