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Sturm, M; Gems, B; Keller, F; Mazzorana, B; Fuchs, S; Papathoma-Kohle, M; Aufleger, M.
(2018): Experimental analyses of impact forces on buildings exposed to fluvial hazards
J HYDROL. 2018; 565: 1-13. FullText FullText_BOKU

Fluvial processes have a significant impact on buildings and infrastructure and despite their local character they cause annually considerable costs in mountain areas worldwide. Vulnerability studies are based mainly on empirical data from past events whereas laboratory studies investigating the impact forces on buildings are still limited. The paper presents a study on impact forces resulting from complex flow processes on buildings, the influencing factors they depend on and the identification of process parameters they correlate with. A 1:30 physical scale model was built, representing the torrential fan of the Schnannerbach torrent (Austria). Measurement devices, installed on the building structures located on the torrential fan, recorded impact forces induced by a set of fluviatile flood scenarios. The measured impact forces were compared to computation results using recently developed calculation approaches and to measurements resulting from experiments with a simplified, homogeneous scale model set-up with a single wall element in a rectangular flume. The results show a clear correlation between the approaching flow heights and the impact forces on exposed buildings. Compared to clear water conditions, bed-load transport and deposition processes highly influence the impact forces due to sediment accumulations close to the buildings on the torrential fan. The gained insights contribute to a better understanding of potentially damage-causing impacts on buildings resulting from the interaction of flood processes and the exposed built environment.
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Fuchs Sven
Papathoma-Köhle Maria
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