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Rasran, L; Diener, A; Pachinger, B; Bernhardt, KG.
(2018): Diversity of Flower Visiting Insects in Dry Grasslands and Vineyards Close to the City of Vienna with Special Focus on Wild Bees
SOCIOBIOLOGY. 2018; 65(4): 603-611. FullText FullText_BOKU

Interactions between flower visiting insects and nectar resp. pollen producing plants belong to the most relevant in terrestrial ecosystems. Their diversity and dominance relationship are important indicators for the stability and functionality of ecosystems and belong to the high ranking ecosystem services. Potential pollinators should be strongly concerned especially regarding anthropogenic impacts on habitats. We studied the diversity and quantities of flower visiting insects with special focus on wild bees (Apiformes) in two locations near the city of Vienna (Austria). Insect sampling occurred from May until July 2015 every two weeks parallel to the vegetation surveys incl. records of the cover of flowering plants. In each location patches of semi-natural grassland as well as flowering strips within vineyards were investigated. We found a significant correlation between the number of insects or insect taxa (especially for Hymenoptera) and the current flower cover. In some cases flowering strips in vineyards harbor higher numbers of insects and higher diversity of bee species than the semi-natural grassland due to temporarily higher values of flower cover. However, grassland patches provide a much more constant supply with nectar producing plants replacing each other in their flowering phase during the season. In contrast, flowering strips are often dominated by one or a few short-lived sown plants, which is of advantage for some oligolectic bees specialized on Brassicaceae or Fabaceae. Flowering strips within organically farmed vineyards are more similar to semi-natural grassland regarding the diversity of flower visiting insects than to conventionally farmed vineyards.
Autor*innen der BOKU Wien:
Bernhardt Karl Georg
Pachinger Baerbel
Rasran Leonid

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