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Dukpa, D; Cook, ER; Krusic, PJ; Rai, PB; Darabant, A; Tshering, U.
(2018): Applied dendroecology informs the sustainable management of Blue Pine forests in Bhutan
DENDROCHRONOLOGIA. 2018; 49: 89-93. FullText FullText_BOKU

Tree ring science is a new discipline in Bhutan but has contributed substantially to our understanding of climate history and informed sustainable forest management practices in the country. This paper describes dendroecological contributions to the second aspect for Blue Pine using three case studies. i) The effects of livestock grazing impact on Blue Pine radial growth were quantified. Radial growth increment was tendentially higher after three years of livestock exclosure, as compared to continued grazing. However, differences remained statistically not significant, likely due to the brevity of the treatment period. ii) Radial growth rates of Blue Pine were characterized across a 400m elevation gradient. Cumulative radial growth over 40 years differed by a factor of more than three between the low and the high end of the gradient. However, below 2300 m, radial growth showed a continuous decline from 1990, likely as a results of drought due to climate change. iii) Effects of three levels of prescribed thinning of pole stage (DBH 30-50 cm) Blue Pine in central Bhutan showed distinct response to thinning. Heavy thinning lead to a thinning shock in the year after harvest and did not lead to significantly higher radial growth as compared to moderate thinning, which is thus recommended for the species. A positive thinning effect remained for seven years post operation. The case studies were incorporated into national guidelines on sustainable forest management in Bhutan and prove the demand for tree ring based research to inform policy and practice.
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Darabant Andras

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