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Campelo, F; Mayer, K; Grabner, M.
(2019): xRing-An R package to identify and measure tree-ring features using X-ray microdensity profiles
DENDROCHRONOLOGIA. 2019; 53: 17-21. FullText FullText_BOKU

Climate influences tree-ring density and ring-density variables extracted from X-ray images have been widely used for climate reconstructions. The R package xRing was developed to identify and measure tree rings on X-ray microdensity profiles automatically. This package is available for free and it offers functions to visualize and calibrate X-ray images, to detect tree-ring borders and to identify earlywood-latewood transition using wood density variations at the inter- and the intra-ring scale. The most important functions are calibrateFilm, detectRings, correctRings, detectEwLw, and getDensity. Outputs of these functions are S3 objects, for which specific methods are provided, including plot and print. The non-linear relationship between optical density of the film and wood density is defined by the function calibrateFilm. The function detectRings detects tree rings using wood density profiles as input. This function uses the difference between local maximum and minimum values to identify tree-ring borders automatically. The correctRings function is used to call a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to visualize and to correct tree-ring borders manually. After correcting tree-ring borders, the detectEwLw function is used to compute earlywood and latewood widths by dividing rings according to relative intra-ring density changes. The getDensity function computes for each tree ring the minimum (maximum) density and the mean earlywood, latewood and whole-ring density. Finally, a list with dataframes with tree-ring width and density variables can be obtained using the function getRwls. One of the major advantages of xRing package is that requires little knowledge of R language, but at the same time it can be easily changed or adapted by experienced users.
Autor*innen der BOKU Wien:
Grabner Michael
Mayer Konrad

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