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Schmidt-Kloiber, A; Bremerich, V; De Wever, A; Jahnig, SC; Martens, K; Strackbein, J; Tockner, K; Hering, D.
(2019): The Freshwater Information Platform: a global online network providing data, tools and resources for science and policy support
HYDROBIOLOGIA. 2019; 838(1): 1-11. FullText FullText_BOKU

Freshwaters are among the most complex, dynamic, and diverse ecosystems globally. Despite their small share of the earth's surface (less than 1%) they are home to over 10% of all known animal species. Biodiversity decrease in general and freshwater biodiversity decline in particular have recently received increasing attention, and various policy instruments are now targeting the conservation, protection and enhancement of biodiversity and associated ecosystem services. Surveillance programs as well as a variety of research projects have been producing a tremendous amount of freshwater-related information. Though there have been various attempts to build infrastructures for online collection of such data, tools and reports, they often provide only limited access to resources that can readily be extracted for conducting large scale analyses. Here, we present the Freshwater Information Platform, an open system of relevant freshwater biodiversity-related information. We provide a comprehensive overview of the platform's core components, highlight their values, present options for their use, and discuss future developments. This is complemented by information on the platform's current management structure, options for contributing data and research results and an outlook for the future.
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Schmidt-Kloiber Astrid

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