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Fiala, V; Freyer, B; Bingen, J.
(2019): Construction of a scattered field - the differentiation of organic farming in Austrian TV advertisement campaigns
FOOD CULT SOC. 2019; 22(4): 464-484. FullText FullText_BOKU

This paper explores the construction of organic farming in two advertising campaigns from Austrian supermarket retailers. Austria illustrates how the growth, change, and differentiation of the organic movement has led to confusion about its current identity. In this context we argue that promotion of organic brands could increase the perception among consumers, that there are multiple versions of organic, each with different levels of quality. Qualitative frame analysis of 33 TV ads was used to understand how organic farming is presented to consumers. Results show that the main organizing idea behind the campaigns is to differentiate their brand not only from conventional, but also from other organic products. This media frame, that we call "organic+" constructs organic farming as a scattered field, with various types of organic food qualities existing next to each other. Such a representation could have strong impacts on modern organic agrofood systems. On the one hand, it could foster the erosion of consumer trust in organic farming, but on the other hand, it could stimulate a public debate about the evolution of organic farming. The results also show that both campaigns do not represent the day-to-day life of farmers. In contrast, they romanticize or objectify it.
Autor*innen der BOKU Wien:
Bingen Jim
Fiala Valentin
Freyer Bernhard

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