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Forneck, A; Mammerler, R; Tello, J; Breuer, M; Muller, J; Fahrentrapp, J.
(2019): First European leaf-feeding grape phylloxera (Daktulosphaira vitifoliae Fitch) survey in Swiss and German commercial vineyards
EUR J PLANT PATHOL. 2019; 154(4): 1029-1039. FullText FullText_BOKU

Recent observations report the worldwide incidence of leaf-feeding grape phylloxera in formerly resistant scions of commercial vineyards. To analyze the genetic structure of leaf-feeding phylloxera, we performed an extensive sampling of leaf-feeding phylloxera populations in seven regions ("cantons") in Switzerland and Germany. The use of polymorphic microsatellite markers revealed presence of 203 unique grape phylloxera multilocus genotypes. Genetic structure analyses showed a high genetic similitude of these European samples with phylloxera samples from its native habitat on Vitis riparia (northeastern America). Nevertheless, no genetic structure within the European samples was observed, and neither host, geography nor sampling date factors caused clear effects on phylloxera genetic stratification. Clonality was high in commercial vineyards and leaf-feeding grape phylloxera strains were found to be present in scion leaves and rootstock roots in the same vineyard, potentially indicating migration between both habitats. We found indications of sexual reproduction, as shown by high degrees of genetic variation among collection sites.
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Forneck Astrid
Müller Julia

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