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Pichler, M; Brand, U; Goerg, C.
(2020): The double materiality of democracy in capitalist societies: challenges for social-ecological transformations
ENVIRON POLIT. 2020; 29(2): 193-213. FullText FullText_BOKU

The complex relationship between democracy and the ecological crisis in capitalist societies and the associated challenges for social-ecological transformations is addressed. Based on a review that differentiates four strands of literature dealing with the role of the environment and democratic politics, it is argued that, despite their differences, most literature lacks a material foundation of contemporary democracies - both in its social and biophysical dimensions. In line with historical-materialist social theory, the concept of a double materiality of democracy is introduced to provide for an adequate understanding of the challenges for social-ecological transformations faced by current capitalist and fossil-fuel based democracies. The renewable energy transition illustrates these challenges.
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Görg Christoph
Pichler Melanie
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Historical-materialist theory of democracy
ecological crisis
political ecology
ecological democracy
fossil energy
social-ecological transformations
energy transition

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