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Ollier, M; Talle, V; Brisset, AL; Le Bihan, Z; Duerr, S; Lemmens, M; Goudemand, E; Robert, O; Hilbert, JL; Buerstmayr, H.
(2020): QTL mapping and successful introgression of the spring wheat-derived QTL Fhb1 for Fusarium head blight resistance in three European triticale populations
THEOR APPL GENET. 2020; 133(2): 457-477. FullText FullText_BOKU

Key message The spring wheat-derived QTL Fhb1 was successfully introgressed into triticale and resulted in significantly improved FHB resistance in the three triticale mapping populations. Fusarium head blight (FHB) is a major problem in cereal production particularly because of mycotoxin contaminations. Here we characterized the resistance to FHB in triticale breeding material harboring resistance factors from bread wheat. A highly FHB-resistant experimental line which derives from a triticale x wheat cross was crossed to several modern triticale cultivars. Three populations of recombinant inbred lines were generated and evaluated in field experiments for FHB resistance using spray inoculations during four seasons and were genotyped with genotyping-by-sequencing and SSR markers. FHB severity was assessed in the field by visual scorings and on the harvested grain samples using digital picture analysis for quantifying the whitened kernel surface (WKS). Four QTLs with major effects on FHB resistance were identified, mapping to chromosomes 2B, 3B, 5R, and 7A. Those QTLs were detectable with both Fusarium severity traits. Measuring of WKS allows easy and fast grain symptom quantification and appears as an effective scoring tool for FHB resistance. The QTL on 3B collocated with Fhb1, and the QTL on 5R with the dwarfing gene Ddw1. This is the first report demonstrating the successful introgression of Fhb1 into triticale. It comprises a significant step forward for enhancing FHB resistance in this crop.
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Bürstmayr Hermann
Lemmens Marc

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