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Rechberger, MV; Zehetner, F; Candra, IN; Gerzabek, MH.
(2020): Impact of soil development on Cu sorption along gradients of soil age and moisture on the Galapagos Islands
CATENA. 2020; 189, 104507 FullText FullText_BOKU

The retention of nutrients and contaminants may vary strongly in the course of soil development. For volcanic soils, little is known about changes of retention characteristics with the degree of weathering and pedogenesis. In this study, topsoils from the Galapagos Islands were analyzed with respect to Cu sorption/desorption behavior and plant-available (Mehlich 3-extractable) Cu along an age gradient (chronosequence, 1.5-1070 ka) and a climatic gradient (elevation sequence, 47-866 m a.s.l.). Cu retention capacity was highest in the youngest soil and decreased exponentially with age along the chronosequence. This was paralleled by a decrease of organic carbon (Corg) content (from 25 to 6.7%) and decreases of soil weathering indicators such as electrical conductivity (from 357 to 49 mu S cm(-1)), pH (from 6.7 to 3.9), effective cation exchange capacity (from 180 to 5.2 cmolc kg(-1)) as well as increasing crystallinity of iron (hydr)oxides. The elevation sequence revealed a similar pattern of decreasing Cu retention capacity with increasing soil weathering in the humid highlands compared to the arid lowlands despite increased Corg at higher elevations. Mehlich 3 extractions indicated Cu deficiencies in the highland soils, presumably because of low pH (< 4.3) and leaching processes. Our study sheds light on the changes of retention characteristics in the course of weathering of volcanic soils. The observed strong differences along the studied age and moisture gradients call for tailored soil management strategies that take into account the developmental stage of the soil.
Autor*innen der BOKU Wien:
Gerzabek Martin
Rechberger Maria
Zehetner Franz

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