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Scherhaufer, P.
(2021): Better research through more participation? The future of integrated climate change assessments
FUTURES. 2021; 125, 102661 FullText FullText_BOKU

Conducting an integrated assessment of climate change is an attempt to bridge the gap between science, policy and practice. The aims of such transdisciplinary assessments are to integrate knowledge from different scientific disciplines, to produce reliable and useful results and to inform subsequent decision-making processes. In order to attain various functions of participation like better knowledge integration, the improvement of the quality of decision-making or the democratisation of knowledge the involvement of nonscientific actors like citizens, lay people or decision-makers became an integral part of these assessments. In a comparative study four different integrated assessments of climate change are investigated. Based on a normative, instrumental and substantive rational of participation the article provides a critical assessment of the significance and importance of participation and makes suggestions towards a more egalitarian and democratic design of future projects.
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Scherhaufer Patrick

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