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Ribitsch, I; Bileck, A; Aldoshin, AD; Kandula, MM; Mayer, RL; Egerbacher, M; Gabner, S; Auer, U; Gultekin, S; Huber, J; Kreil, DP; Gerner, C; Jenner, F.
(2021): Molecular Mechanisms of Fetal Tendon Regeneration Versus Adult Fibrous Repair
INT J MOL SCI. 2021; 22(11), 5619 FullText FullText_BOKU

Tendinopathies are painful, disabling conditions that afflict 25% of the adult human population. Filling an unmet need for realistic large-animal models, we here present an ovine model of tendon injury for the comparative study of adult scarring repair and fetal regeneration. Complete regeneration of the fetal tendon within 28 days is demonstrated, while adult tendon defects remained macroscopically and histologically evident five months post-injury. In addition to a comprehensive histological assessment, proteome analyses of secretomes were performed. Confirming histological data, a specific and pronounced inflammation accompanied by activation of neutrophils in adult tendon defects was observed, corroborated by the significant up-regulation of pro-inflammatory factors, neutrophil attracting chemokines, the release of potentially tissue-damaging antimicrobial and extracellular matrix-degrading enzymes, and a response to oxidative stress. In contrast, secreted proteins of injured fetal tendons included proteins initiating the resolution of inflammation or promoting functional extracellular matrix production. These results demonstrate the power and relevance of our novel ovine fetal tendon regeneration model, which thus promises to accelerate research in the field. First insights from the model already support our molecular understanding of successful fetal tendon healing processes and may guide improved therapeutic strategies.
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Aldoshin Tropeiko Alexander
Kandula Maciej
Kreil David Philip

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