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Tudose, NC; Cremades, R; Broekman, A; Sanchez-Plaza, A; Mitter, H; Marin, M.
(2021): Mainstreaming the nexus approach in climate services will enable coherent local and regional climate policies
ADV CLIM CHANG RES. 2021; 12(5): 752-755. FullText FullText_BOKU

The current challenges that society faces call for actions fostering climate change adaptation and long-term sustainability grounded in effective policies. Consequently, to raise environmental resilience and sustain human wellbeing, we need to overhaul the policy-making process towards a 'holistic approach'. The nexus approach has proven a valuable tool for identifying gaps and incoherencies in current policies, for understanding major interlinkages across sectors and scales, and for promoting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Nevertheless, a 'silo approach' to decision making currently prevails, thus achieving cross-sectoral and cross-scale harmonization still remains a challenge in policy-making. In response to this challenge, the next step in the science-policy-practice interface is to integrate the nexus approach in the 'climate services' arena, in order to support integrated policies. Climate services embody a bridge between researchers and stakeholders, and by supporting integrated policies they will ensure synergies between sectors and scales, reduce potential trade-offs, and enable co-benefits.
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