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Thaler, T.
(2021): Social justice in socio-hydrology-how we can integrate the two different perspectives
HYDROLOG SCI J. 2021; 66(10): 1503-1512. FullText FullText_BOKU

Socio-hydrology has become an important platform for discussion and exchange in current water research. A key challenge is the integration of the social into socio-hydrological logic. To date, most studies have excluded the potential outcomes of policy changes based on socio-hydrology models. The goal of this paper is to present a theoretical framework that extends the current debates in socio-hydrology around the concept of social justice. Social justice considers and reflects on the question of fairness in the allocation of resources, participation, and wealth across residents of a river basin. This critical review elucidates the role of social justice in flood risk management by considering the possible consequences of including social justice and by proposing how to integrate those consequences into the current socio-hydrology model. As such, the review contributes to the ongoing discussion of human-environment interaction in socio-hydrology.
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Thaler Thomas
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