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Peng, C; Li, S; Wu, W; An, HC; Chen, XQ; Ouyang, CJ; Tang, H.
(2022): On three-dimensional SPH modelling of large-scale landslides
CAN GEOTECH J. 2022; 59(1): 24-39. FullText FullText_BOKU

Lagrangian particle-based smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) is increasingly widely used in landslide modelling. This paper investigates four important issues not addressed by previous studies on SPH modelling of large-scale landslides, i.e., convergence property, influence of constitutive parameters, scale effect and friction reduction, and influence of different treatments of the viscous effect. The GPU-acceleration technique is employed to achieve high-resolution threedimensional (3D) modelling. The Baige landslide is investigated by comparing numerical results with field data, and detailed analyses on the four issues are provided. Suggestions on particle resolution, constitutive parameter, and formulations of viscous discretization are also presented for future SPH modelling of large-scale landslides.
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Peng Chong
Wu Wei
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large-scale landslides
smoothed particle hydrodynamics
constitutive model
graphics processing unit (GPU) acceleration

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