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Staudacher, J; Rebnegger, C; Dohnal, T; Landes, N; Mattanovich, D; Gasser, B.
(2022): Going beyond the limit: Increasing global translation activity leads to increased productivity of recombinant secreted proteins in Pichia pastoris
METAB ENG. 2022; 70: 181-195. FullText FullText_BOKU

Yeasts are widely used cell factories for commercial heterologous protein production, however, specific productivities are usually tightly coupled to biomass formation. This greatly impacts production processes, which are commonly not run at the maximum growth rate, thereby resulting in suboptimal productivities. To tackle this issue, we evaluated transcriptomics datasets of the yeast Pichia pastoris (syn. Komagataella phaffii), which is known for its high secretory efficiency and biomass yield. These showed a clear downregulation of genes related to protein translation with decreasing growth rates, thus revealing the yeast translation machinery as cellular engineering target. By overexpressing selected differentially expressed translation factors, translation initiation was identified to be the main rate-limiting step. Specifically, overexpression of factors associated with the closedloop conformation, a structure that increases stability and rates of translation initiation before start codon scanning is initiated, showed the strongest effects. Overexpression of closed-loop factors alone or in combination increased titers of different heterologous proteins by up to 3-fold in fed-batch processes. Furthermore, translation activity, correlating to the obtained secreted recombinant protein yields, selected transcript levels and total protein content were higher in the engineered cells. Hence, translation factor overexpression, globally affects the cell. Together with the observed impact on the transcriptome and total protein content, our results indicate that the capacity of P. pastoris for protein production is not at its limit yet.
Autor*innen der BOKU Wien:
Dohnal Thomas
Gasser Brigitte
Landes Nils
Mattanovich Diethard
Rebnegger Corinna
Staudacher Jennifer

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