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Knapp, P., Willam, A., Sölkner, J..
(1997): Genetic parameters for lean meat content and meat quality traits in different pig breeds.
Livestock Production Science, 52, 69-73

Genetic parameters were estimated for Large White (LW), Landrace (LR) and Pietrain (PIT) pigs in preparation to the implementation of an animal model BLUP procedure for routine evaluation in the Austrian pig breeding program. Data from a test station recorded between 1985 and 1995 were considered for lean meat content (LMC), pH value (pH1), meat colour (COL), drip loss (DRIP) and intramuscular fat content (LMF). A multivariate REML procedure was used when the model contained herd of origin, year-season, common environment of litter and the individual additive genetic effect. Heritability estimates for LMC (0.42 to 0.57) and IMF (0.37 to 0.68) were higher than for the other meat quality traits (0.10 to 0.37), Unfavourable genetic correlations were estimated between LMC and the meat quality traits for all breeds. In contrast to the favourable relationships between pill, COL and DRIP, inconsistent correlations between IMF and these traits were found. (C) 1997 Elsevier Science B.V.
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Sölkner Johann
Willam Alfons
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