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Friedel, J.K..
(2000): The effect of farming system on labile fractions of organic matter in Calcari-Epileptic Regosols.
J. Plant Nutr. Soil Sci., 163, 41-45

Total soil organic carbon (TOC) and nitrogen (N-t) and labile soil N and C fractions were investigated in a field experiment in the Swabian Mountains, Germany. The plots used had been farmed conventionally or organically since 1972 and treated with either mineral or organic fertiliser. There were no significant differences between organic and conventional plots in terms of TOC, N-t, C and N mineralisation potentials (C-pot, N-pot) and microbial C/N ratio. Microbial biomass C and N, however, were significantly higher on organic plots in spring. There was only a weak correlation between N-pot and microbial N. It is proposed that limitations in microbial N availability, as reflected in the microbial N/C ratio, control net N mineralisation rates in the incubation experiments, as indicated by the highly significant correlations between both N-pot and N-pot/C-pot ratios and microbial N/C ratios. The conclusion reached is that, under these field conditions, the positive effect of organic farming on the microbial biomass N pool does not contribute to an (relative or absolute) increase in the N available to plants.
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Friedel Jürgen Kurt

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