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Klimacek, M., Eis, C., Nidetzky, B..
(1999): Continuous production of a,a-trehalose using immobilised fungal trehalose phosphorylase.
Biotechnol. Techn., 13, 243-248

Immobilisation of trehalose phosphorylase from Schizophyllum commune by adsorption onto anion-exchange materials stabilised the enzyme activity at 30 degrees C by approx. 35-fold. Immobilised and free enzymes showed similar pH-dependence of activity but different inactivation behavior above 30 degrees C. A fixed-bed enzyme reactor produced alpha,alpha-trehalose at a stable substrate conversion of 80% with a productivity of 2.6 g l(-1) h(-1) for 72 h. Inhibition of trehalose phosphorylase by phosphate limited the productivity of a direct conversion of starch into alpha,alpha-trehalose.
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