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Darnhofer, I., Eder, M., Schneeberger, W..
(2003): Modellrechnungen zur Umstellung einer Ackerbauregion auf Biolandbau
Berichte über Landwirtschaft, 81, 1, 57-73

Organic farming has the potential to make an important contribution to environmentally sensitive food production. However, only a small fraction. of Austrian cash-crop farms follows organic production practices. This study analyses the effects of a widespread conversion to organic farming in the Weinviertel, a region dominated by field crops, on the production program, the quantities produced and the direct payment measures. Farms typical for the region were identified using the IACS data. Through linear planning models scenarios were calculated based on various assumptions regarding product prices and environmental protection requirements. Given the current prices for organic products, the results show that, despite the lower yields, the value of the produce increases, as does the total gross margin of the farm types considered in the study. Despite direct payments for organic farming, however without price premiums for organic products, several farm types face lower gross margins than under conventional production practices. If the price premiums can be sustained even after the widespread conversion to organic farming, the increase in total gross margin of the region is higher than the increase in direct payment requirements. Additional environmental protection measures, which are included in one scenario, result in lower total gross margins even if the price premiums for organic products can be maintained.
Autor*innen der BOKU Wien:
Darnhofer Ika
Eder Michael
Schneeberger Walter

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