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Pavicevic, M.K., Wild, E.M., Amthauer, G., Berger, M., Boev, B., Kutschera, W., Priller, A., Prohaska, T., Stefan, I..
(2004): AMS measurements of 26Al in quartz to assess the cosmic ray background for the geochemical solar neutrino experiment LOREX
Physics Research - Nuclear Instruments and Methods B, 223 - 224, 660 - 667 FullText FullText_BOKU

LORandite EXperiment (LOREX) plans to measure the time integrated solar neutrino flux of the last few million years via the product of the reaction Tl-205(v(e),e(-))Pb-205 in lorandite of the Allchar mine in Macedonia. Utilizing this reaction is only poss
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Prohaska Thomas

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accelerator mass spectrometry
Al-26 in situ production in quartz
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