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Miko, S., Durn, G., Adamcová, R., Covic, M., Dubiková, M., Skalsky, R., Kapelj, S., Ottner, F..
(2003): Heavy metal distribution in karst soils from Croatia and Slovakia
Environmental Geology, 45, 262-272; ISSN 0943-0105 FullText FullText_BOKU

With the use of the optimised three-step BCR sequential-extraction procedure it was possible to assess the mobility of selected elements in soil profiles from Croatian and Slovakian karst terrains. The soils in the Croatian karst were enriched in Cr, Ni, V, Mn, Cu, Cd and Mo, while soils from the Slovak Karst had high Pb and Zn concentrations. it was determined that the elements were most readily mobilised from the topsoil and the degree of mobility decreased with depth. Cr and Ni were mainly bound to the residual fraction, and Pb in the oxidisable fraction. Cu mobility was high in samples treated with agrochemicals throughout the soil profile.
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Ottner Franz
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