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Nagy, ED; Lelley, T.
(2003): Genetic and physical mapping of sequence-specific amplified polymorphic (SSAP) markers on the 1RS chromosome arm of rye in a wheat background.
Theor Appl Genet. 2003; 107(7):1271-1277 FullText FullText_BOKU

Three rye-specific repeated sequences, pSc10C, pSc20H and R173-1, were used to design sequence-specific anchored primers. These primers and 16 restriction site-specific adaptor primers were used in all possible combinations to establish sequence-specific amplified polymorphic (SSAP) markers for the 1RS chromosome arm of rye in a wheat background. Thirty 1RS-specific SSAP markers were detected in 19 primer combinations. Along with six markers localised previously on 1RS, 26 of the SSAP markers were mapped genetically in wheat genotypes carrying recombinant 1BL.1RS translocations. A clear decrease in recombination frequency from distal to proximal regions was observed. Wheat-rye addition lines for the 1R chromosome with different-sized deletions of the short arm were used to physically localise these markers. Physical mapping suggested an even distribution of the SSAP markers along the total length of the 1RS chromosome arm.
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Lelley Tamas
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