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Condes, S., Sterba, H..
(2005): Derivation of compatible crown width equations for some important tree species of Spain.
Forest Ecology and Management, 217, 2-3, 203-218 FullText FullText_BOKU

Crown width is an important feature in describing stand density and individual tree competition. Two different approaches to using crown width in competition measures are reported in the literature: (i) crown width of open-grown trees, assumed to describe the zone of influence, and thus the potentially available stand area attributable to an individual tree and (ii) crown width of stand-grown trees, describing individual tree competition in distance-dependent individual tree growth models. The crown width measurements of the second Spanish National Inventory are used to derive (i) open-grown tree crown width equations and (ii) general tree crown width equations. The results show that the expectation that open-grown tree crown width may be derived as a special case of a general crown width equation is not met. Therefore, the authors sought a method of obtaining "compatible" tree crown width equations (modelled to a specific region and for individual tree species) that cover the range from open-grown to stand-grown trees with acceptable accuracy. As a practical example, the authors' compatible tree crown width equations with their species-dependent coefficients are then compared for 11 major tree species in Spain in order to see if these equations give the open-grown tree crown width when open-grown tree height diameter ratio is inserted as independent variable. For conifers and for Eucalyptus globulus, the authors' procedure does indeed provide equations valid for open-grown trees to stand-grown trees with an acceptable loss of efficiency over the range. For the other broad-leaved tree species, no recommendable compatible crown width equation could be derived. (c) 2005 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
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Sterba Hubert

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