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Wagner,A., Platzgummer,M., Kreismayr,G., Quendler,H., Stiegler,G., Ferko,B., Vecera,G., Vorauer-Uhl,K., Katinger,H..
(2006): GMP Production of liposomes-A New Industrial Approach
J LIPOSOME RES, 16, 311-319; ISSN 0898-2104 FullText FullText_BOKU

A new scalable liposome production system is presented, which is based on the ethanol injection technique. The system permits liposome manufacture regardless of production scale, as scale is determined only by free disposable vessel volumes. Once the parameters are defined, an easy scale up can be performed by just changing the process vessels. These vessels are fully sterilizeable and all raw materials are transferred into the sanitized and sterilized system via 0.2 mu m filters to guarantee an aseptic production. Liposome size can be controlled by the local lipid concentration at the injection point depending on process parameters like injection pressure, lipid concentration and injection rate. These defined process parameters are furthermore responsible for highly reproducible results with respect to vesicle diameters and encapsulation rates Compared to other technologies like the film method which is normally followed by size reduction through high pressure homogenization, ultrasonication or extrusion, no mechanical forces are needed to generate homogeneous and narrow distributed liposomes. Another important advantage of this method is the suitability for the entrapment of many different drug substances such as large hydrophilic proteins by passive encapsulation, small amphiphilic drugs by a one step remote loading technique or membrane association of antigens for vaccination approaches
Autor*innen der BOKU Wien:
Katinger Hermann
Quendler Heribert
Vorauer-Uhl Karola
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Liposomes*;Particle Size;Reproducibility of Results;

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