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Sleytr, UB; Egelseer, EM; Ilk, N; Pum, D; Schuster, B; .
(2007): S-Layers as a basic building block in a molecular construction kit.
FEBS J. 2007; 274(2):323-334 FullText FullText_BOKU

Crystalline arrays of protein or glycoprotein subunits forming surface layers (S-layers) are the most common outermost envelope components of prokaryotic organisms (archaea and bacteria). The wealth of information on the structure, chemistry, genetics, morphogenesis, and function of S-layers has revealed a broad application potential. As S-layers are periodic structures, they exhibit identical physicochemical properties for each molecular unit down to the subnanometer level and possess pores of identical size and morphology. Many applications of S-layers in nanobiotechnology depend on the ability of isolated subunits to recrystallize into monomolecular lattices in suspension or on suitable surfaces and interfaces. S-Layer lattices can be exploited as scaffolding and patterning elements for generating more complex supramolecular assemblies and structures, as required for life and nonlife science applications.
Autor*innen der BOKU Wien:
Egelseer Eva Maria
Pum Dietmar
Schuster Bernhard
Sleytr Uwe B.
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Animals;Biosensing Techniques/instrumentation;Biotechnology/methods*;Cell Wall/chemistry;Crystallization;Glycoproteins/chemistry*;Humans;Lipid Bilayers/chemistry;Lipids/chemistry;Microscopy, Electron;Molecular Conformation;Nanotechnology/methods*;Patch-Clamp Techniques;Polymers/chemistry;Proteins/chemistry*;

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