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Klementschitz R., Stark J., Sammer G..
(2007): Integrating Mobility Management in Land Development Planning with Off-Street Parking Regulations
J URBAN PLAN D-ASCE, Volume 133, Number 2, 107-113; ISSN 0733-9488 FullText FullText_BOKU

Parking policy is widely seen today as a proper tool for influencing mobility behavior in urban and rural areas. Stories of success have been reported due to regulation of on-street parking capacity and pricing. The implementation of such measures is business as usual in urban areas and is both expected and accepted by travelers entering cities in private cars. But what about privately owned off-street parking space? Attractive car parks supplying sufficient capacity free of charge are generating considerable private car traffic because of shopping, leisure, or commuter trips. To avoid these effects, regulations have to be integrated at an early stage of land development. To discuss possible ways to implement such tools in the Vienna (Austria) region, the city and surrounding provinces commissioned the Institute for Transport Studies to carry out a best practices and transferability study. Based on semistructured in-depth interviews with experts in about 30 European conurbations, most of the authorities are aware of this problem and are beginning to develop appropriate tools to manage mobility side by side with land development.
Autor*innen der BOKU Wien:
Klementschitz Roman
Sammer Gerd
Stark Juliane

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