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Nyanhongo, G. S., Gübitz, G., Sukyai, P., Leitner, C., Haltrich, D., Ludwig R..
(2007): Oxidoreductases from Trametes spp. in biotechnology: a wealth of catalytic activity
FOOD TECHNOL BIOTECH, 45, 250-268; ISSN 1330-9862

Those oxidoreductases that are part of the ligninolytic complex of basidiomycete and ascomycete fungi have played an increasingly important role in biotechnological applications during the last decade. The stability of these extracellular enzymes, their good solubility, and a multitude of catalyzed reactions contribute to this trend. This review focuses on a single genus of white-rot basidiomycetes, Trametes, to highlight the numerous possibilities for the application of this microorganism as well as three of its enzymes: laccase, cellobiose dehydrogenase, and pyranose 2-oxidase. Whereas laccase is without doubt a major player in biotechnology, the two other enzymes are less well known, but represent emerging biocatalysts with potential. Both cellobiose dehydrogenase and pyranose 2-oxidase are presumed to participate in lignin breakdown and will be used to exemplify the potential of less prominent oxidoreductases from this genus.
Autor*innen der BOKU Wien:
Gübitz Georg
Haltrich Dietmar
Leitner Christian
Ludwig Roland
Nyanhongo Gibson Stephen

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