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Kocsis, L., P. Liebhard, W. Praznik.
(2007): Effect of seasonal changes on content and profile of soluble carbohydrates in tubers of different varieties of Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus L.)
J AGR FOOD CHEM, 55, 9401-9408; ISSN 0021-8561 FullText FullText_BOKU

A high content (60-65% of dry mass DM) of water soluble carbohydrates was found in early harvested varieties (Bella and Bianka) and middle early varieties (Topstar and Gigant) harvested 22-25 weeks after plantation. In late varieties (Waldspindel, Violet de Rennes, Rote-Zonenkugel) a similar amount was obtained (55-60% of DM) when harvested 29-33 weeks after planting. There was a distinctive impact on maturing process as well as frost period alterations which resulted in conversion of high polymer inulin to low polymer inulin as well as to sucrose. In early / middle early varieties a correlation between sucrose and inulin level (r = - 0.952**) with a linear regression of y = - 1.35x + 62.32 was observed, whereas the dp(n) Of inulin decreased from 12-14 to 6-8. In late cultivars this correlation was not as exact (r = - 0.502**); dp(n) of inulin decreased from 12-16 to 7-10. This knowledge about carbohydrate profiles for different varieties of Jerusalem artichoke offers the possibility of selecting suitable cultivars; and deciding the appropriate harvest time for an optimum processing of tubers for their application as prebiotic and novel food component.
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Liebhard Peter
Praznik Werner
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