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A. Potthast, S. Schiehser, T. Rosenau, M. Kostic.
(2009): Oxidative modifications of cellulose in the periodate system - Reduction and beta-elimination reactions
HOLZFORSCHUNG, 63 (1), 12-17; ISSN 0018-3830 FullText FullText_BOKU

The conversion of cellulose to dialdehyde cellulose (DAC) by treatment with aqueous periodate was studied by the CCOA method, which is a combination of gel permeation chromatography and carbonyl-selective fluorescence labeling. The beta-alkoxy-elimination reaction under alkaline conditions was used as a diagnostic tool to address the regioselectivity of the oxidation at low degrees of conversion. The oxidation proceeded by random oxidant attack; cluster-like or isolated oxidation patterns were excluded. The beta-alkoxy-elimination proceeded as a competitive process during reduction of DAC by sodium borohydride. Reduction was thus inevitably accompanied by a significant loss in molecular weight. The borohydride treatment decompacted the molecules by reducing the aldehyde groups and destroying hemiacetal crosslinks. As a result, highly flexible chains were produced.
Autor*innen der BOKU Wien:
Kostic Mirjana
Potthast Antje
Rosenau Thomas
Schiehser Sonja

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