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Condes, S; Sterba, H.
(2008): Comparing an individual tree growth model for Pinus halepensis Mill. in the Spanish region of Murcia with yield tables gained from the same area
EUR J FOR RES. 2008; 127(3): 253-261. FullText FullText_BOKU

To support forest management decisions on converting stands from even-aged to uneven-aged management, tree models are needed that can simulate both options. Therefore, an individual tree model for Pinus halepensis Mill. is compared with the respective yield table. The individual tree model is built from data of two Spanish forest inventories in this province and evaluated with published yield tables, which have been built from permanent observational plots. The individual tree model consists of a basal area increment model and a height increment model, both based on two measurements of about 4,000 trees from single species stands of Aleppo pine. The R-2 values of 0.362 and 0.107 for the basal area increment model and the height increment model, respectively, are within the range of other published models of this type. Comparing the model with the yield tables for different site indices, we find that our model matches the yield table well. Only in higher ages where the database for the yield table was poor, our model indicates higher basal area growth rates than the yield table.
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Sterba Hubert

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