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Walla, C; Schneeberger, W.
(2006): Energy crop production on organic farms without livestock
BER LANDWIRT. 2006; 84(3): 425-437.

Mobile nitrogen sources are scarce on organic crop farms without livestock. One possible source can be biogass slurry from fermented energy crops produced on organic farms. This study analyses the economic effects of an investment into a cooperative farm biogas plant on the production programme of the organic farm and its net income. A linear planning model is used for the analysis. The production of green electricity by the biogas plant yields a higher net farm income. Alfalfa grass is a more efficient energy crop than silage maize on organic farms. Less land is used for legumes and more for cash crops. The annual labour requirement rises due to the operation of the new biogas plant.
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Schneeberger Walter

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