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Ettle, T; Roth, FX.
(2005): Dietary preferences for feeds varying in threonine concentration by the piglet.
Physiol Behav. 2005; 85(3):289-295 FullText FullText_BOKU

Two choice feeding trials were carried out to investigate if weaned piglets prefer feeds varying in threonine (Thr) content. In exp 1, two control groups were fed either a 0.57% Thr (negative control) or a 0.67% Thr (positive control) feed. Two other groups had the choice from 2 feeds containing 0.57% or 0.62% Thr (Thr-choice 1) and 0.57% or 0.67% Thr (Thr-choice 2). In exp 2 the two control groups were fed either a 0.50% Thr (negative control) or a 0.62% Thr (positive control) feed and the Thr-choice groups had the choice from 2 feeds containing 0.50% or 0.56% (Thr-choice 1) and 0.50% or 0.62% Thr (Thr-choice 2), respectively. In exp 1, animals of the Thr-choice 1 showed a significant preference for the feed with the higher Thr content but in the Thr-choice 2, both feeds on offer were chosen at random. In exp 2 the preference for the higher Thr feeds in the Thr-choice groups 1 and 2 was on average 71% and 72%, respectively. In both experiments, the data of growth performance and plasma amino acid and urea pattern indicated a suboptimal Thr supply in the negative control and the Thr-choice 1 group. It is concluded that piglets are able to detect metabolic changes caused by a marginal Thr supply and that they change their feeding behaviour in order to overcome deficiency. (c) 2005 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
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