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Martinkova, L; Klempier, N; Bardakji, J; Kandelbauer, A; Ovesna, M; Podarilova, T; Kuzma, M; Prepechalova, I; Griengl, H; Kren, V.
(2001): Biotransformation of 3-substituted methyl (R,S)-4-cyanobutanoates with nitrile- and amide-converting biocatalysts
J MOL CATAL B-ENZYM. 2001; 14(4-6): 95-99.

Whole cells of Rhodococcus equi A4 chemoselectively hydrolyzed methyl (R,S)-3-benzoyloxy-4-cyanobutanoate and methyl (R,S)-3-benzyloxy-4-cyanobutanoate into monomethyl (R,S)-3-benzoyloxyglutarate and monomethyl (R,S)-3-benzyl-oxyglutarate, respectively. The intermediates of the biotransformations were the corresponding amides which were also obtained using the purified nitrile hydratase from the same microorganism. (C) 2001 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved.
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