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Grull, G; Anderl, T; Teischinger, A.
(2004): Wood moisture content of coated wood/aluminium windows - Part 1: Reactions to exterior humidity stress
SURF COAT INT PT B-COAT TRANS. 2004; 87(2): 111-119. FullText FullText_BOKU

Standard wood/aluminium windows were treated with coating materials which were specifically developed to be used on weather-protected wooden windows. The windows were exposed to constant and cyclic humidity stress from the exterior side while the climatic conditions under the aluminium layers and the wood moisture content of the frames were monitored. The development of the wood moisture content in the window frames differed according to the water permeability of the coatings. Marked changes were monitored at different coating systems. On the casements high built coatings led to smaller changes in wood moisture content than low built coatings. The results can contribute to a definition of requirements for the properties of coatings for weather-protected wooden windows.
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Teischinger Alfred

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