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Meszaros, G; Fuerst, C; Fuerst-Waltl, B; Kadlecik, O; Kasarda, R; Solkner, J.
(2008): Genetic evaluation for length of productive life in Slovak Pinzgau cattle
ARCH TIERZUCHT. 2008; 51(5): 438-448.

The proportional hazards method was used to estimate breeding values for functional length of productive life within the endangered Slovak Pinzgau population. The analyzed data set contained 21,985 cows, daughters of 254 sires. The risk of culling was higher for cows with lower milk production relative to herd average, higher age at first calving and in herds decreasing in size. In the first lactation the culling risk was highest at the beginning, and decreased during lactation. From second lactation onwards an increasing risk was observed. The effect of breed composition was found insignificant, and was not included into final model. A heritability of 0.05 was estimated for functional length of productive life. The average reliability of estimates was 0.25. No clear tendency in average breeding values by year of birth of bulls was observed.
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Fürst-Waltl Birgit
Meszaros Gabor
Sölkner Johann
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