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Passauer, L; Liebner, F; Fischer, K.
(2009): Starch Phosphate Hydrogels. Part I: Synthesis by Mono-phosphorylation and Cross-linking of Starch
STARCH. 2009; 61(11): 621-627. FullText FullText_BOKU

Starch-based hydrogels were synthesized by cross-linking monostarch monophosphates (MSMP) with different di- and tricarboxylic acids such as succinic, adipic or citric acid. Phosphorylation of starch was performed in a semi-dry process using a mixture of primary and secondary sodium phosphates. The phosphorus content and degree of substitution of phosphate groups (DSP) of the resulting MSMP were determined using a photometric method. For structural characterization of starch phosphates P-31 NMR was used. Investigations showed that MSMP hydrogels were strong water absorbing polymer networks with a free swelling capacity (FSC) of up to 185 g water / g dry hydrogel.
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Liebner Falk

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